$50 Bluetooth speaker the size of a golf-ball making sound truly portable.

Ever purchased a portable speaker and then realised that it wasn’t quite as portable as it should be?  Plenty of speakers  on the market, most of them are the at least the size of a can of drink.  Now yes, that’s portable, but it’s not put-it-in-your-pocket portable.

Matrix QUBE and QUBE 2

Matrix QUBE and QUBE 2

Matrix QUBE

Matrix QUBE

I came across a cool little speaker at CES in Las Vegas.  It’s called the QUBE from Matrix Audio and after having a small mono speaker on the market for some time, they’ve just doubled down with a stereo version.

The original Qube retails for around $50 in the US while the Qube 2 will be double that.

At just 38mm cubed this thing is stupidly small.  Full metal casing gives the speaker some weight and the sound is as good as you’ll get at this size and price.

Matrix Qube wooden prototype

Matrix Qube wooden prototype

Matrix are also working on a wooden version, which was on show at CES but it’s so lightweight the sound quality and overall feel just isn’t there, so with some added weight this thing will be a cracking little speaker.

Keep and eye out for this one should a distributor pick it up in Australia.

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