Passbook is one of those great ideas which in Australia at least just hasn’t really taken off for Apple.  The concept is a virtual storage spot for all your regular cards, checking information, movie tickets or flight boarding passes.  American Express have today launched their Passbook card which shows you your balance at a single click.

Apple Passbook with AMEX

Apple Passbook with AMEX

While a flight boarding pass or movie ticket are an awesome way to geek out and certainly make life easy the idea American Express seem to have is to utilise the security of the Passbook app to give you “at a glance” information you need without having to login to your account or their own app.

For American Express card holders who also have an iOS phone the process is super simple.  You login to their “AMEX Passbook” website from your iOS device and simply enter your card details.

Once you’ve done that you get a single click access to add your Amex to the Passbook app.  When done a blue card appears in your passbook with your name, your current balance and as you now make transactions on the card they will also show on the pass.

It’s safe and secure because your card details are not shown and you can’t action any of the items like making purchases or payments.  It is – at its simplest form, a way to check your balance without having to login to any site or app.

No reason not to do it if you’ve got an Amex!