That’s not a BBQ – THIS is a BBQ: The $17,600 Frontiersman

The people at Yoder like to think they are at the forefront of the “Australian smoking revolution” with people across the country looking to smoke their meat for a new infusion of flavour at the good old Aussie BBQ.  Well, check out this thing – the Frontiersman – something that will make that six burner you’ve been pricing at the local hardware store look like pocket-money.

The Yoder Frontiersman - a $17,000 BBQ for you and a hundred mates

The Yoder Frontiersman – a $17,000 BBQ for you and a hundred mates

Ok, so this beast isn’t meant to be for your backyard – or your front yard.  The Frontiersman is more for caterers or hire companies – perhaps your local restaurant or pub might be looking for something different, it is – the pinnacle of smoker BBQs.

We’re talking about over 2000 square centimeters of cooking surface, weighing in at over a ton, you aren’t cooking for a family, not even the local soccer club, this is cooking for hundreds!

Ready to roll - the Frontiersman

Ready to roll – the Frontiersman

The whole unit comes on  wheels which apparently make it easy to handle despite the weight.

This thing would draw a crowd wherever it is rolled out – literally, so next time someone asks you what is the best solution for a BBQ to cater for a hundred people – The Frontiersman

Yoder Smoker Frontiersman Comp Cart RRP: $17,600

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