Sometimes companies have a very clear expectation for a product when it launches. In America when Netgear launched their new R7000 Nighthawk router they had gamers clear in their sights.  Despite taking the premium price in the product roadmap the Nighthawk has surprised even Netgear with its success in the market and it’s now available in Australia

Netgear Nighthawk

Netgear Nighthawk

There’s little doubt that consumers are becoming more and more aware of their connected surroundings and starting to realise that going cheap and cheerful on your home hardware will likely cause more headaches than it’s worth.  Enter the most recent products from most vendors in the market which not only carry great new design but also a feature rich set of capabilities to assist everyone in the home from mum and dad online and streaming TV to the kids with their online gaming and bit-torrents.

Netgear’s R7000 Nighthawk is one heck of a striking design.  It’s angled features remind me of the stealth fighter jets and it’s tall and thick antennae are not just there for good looks.

section-1A strong and solid connection, powerful enough to reach to where you most need it, combined with a 1GHz dual core processor make this beast a powerhouse of network processing.

You need the design and antenna for WiFi signal, you need the processor to ensure that once connected the data coming to and from your device is moving through at the fastest possible speed.

There are so many features on this device you’ll never hear about or know, such as its ability to determine which devices are able to cope with data faster than others and serve up the data to those devices at a faster rate than has traditionally been the case meaning your Wireless AC devices will finally get the data throughput they deserve while old slow coach over there with a Wireless B or G connection will get what they need without slowing you down.

It’s a cracking design, powerful performance and available now in Australia for $319.