When you think CAT or Caterpillar you think big yellow trucks, mining, rugged and hard-working.  Now take those brand values, that design and put it onto a feature phone for the hard-working tradies, builders and miners of the world and you may just meet your match.  The CAT B100.  EFTM took a look at CES in Las Vegas.

CAT B100 Feature Phone - Relax, it's ok in water

CAT B100 Feature Phone – Relax, it’s ok in water

The same people involved in design CAT trucks and equipment had a hand in how this phone would look, after all you’re not going to slap a famous name like CAT on a phone and not have some say in how it looks are you?

CAT B100 Feature Phone

CAT B100 Feature Phone

It’s described by CAT phones as “a waterproof phone designed to withstand the rigors of the real world” and given it can withstand a drop from almost 2 meters, 30 mins at a depth of one meter and temperatures from -25 degrees up to 55 degrees I think it fits the bill for tough like a CAT truck too.

Representatives from CAT Phones at CES told EFTM there was some availability already in Australia for it’s existing range of covers and its Android smartphone so expect this one soon.