Strangest place for an iPad holder? Kitchen – no, Toilet – yes.

If there’s one thing there is a lot of here at CES in Las Vegas its accessories.  Small companies looking for big international distribution deals to try to make it big and make money.  We’ve seen loads of cases, covers, chargers and holders – But the strangest of all?  From the people who brought us the iPotty in 2013 – you won’t believe where you can have your iPad held in a stand.

ipad-choppingI can see the practical use of an iPad holder on a chopping board – for when you are following a recipe.

iPad Knifeblock

iPad Knifeblock

I can see the same practical use for an iPad holder built into a knife block – you’re cooking – right?

iPad Kitchen Paper-roll

iPad Kitchen Paper-roll

It’s even possible to justify the iPad holder in the kitchen on top of the paper towel dispenser.  Right?  yeah, we can justify that, it’s wasted space up there above the paper towel. Let’s do it.

iPad Kitchen Paper-roll

iPad Kitchen Paper-roll

Have you ever considered taking your iPad into the toilet though? Nope.  Same here.

iPad holder in the Toilet

iPad holder in the Toilet

Perhaps this only works if it’s a dedicated “toilet only” iPad?  But then, um, well – so many questions.

iPad holder on the Toilet Roll dispeneser

iPad holder on the Toilet Roll dispenser

This is real.. Very Real.  Beware.


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