When you operate one of the three mobile networks in a country the size of Australia you get to know a fair bit about your customers.  Vodafone has taken that information and put together a handy info graphic to demonstrate some of the fun stats – and try to convince us all they are better than “before” – Some of it is really worth a look

Popular Roaming destinations for Vodafone customers

Popular Roaming destinations for Vodafone customers

For a start, New Zealand is the most popular roaming destination?  Not Bali?  This along with the USA being Number 2 really prove why Vodafone introduced those two as launch countries for their new Red Roaming plans a few months ago.

Perhaps more indicative of the Vodafone user base, 75% of them use Facebook on their mobile – given just over 50% of Aussies are on Facebook they’re doing pretty well on that social network it seems.

The most dialled number by vodafone customers in 2013 - The Commonwealth Bank.

The most dialled number by Vodafone customers in 2013 – The Commonwealth Bank.

And did you know that 95% of SMS messages are sent within 10 seconds?  Makes me wonder about the other 5% but we’ll leave that for another day.

Then there is the speed of the network, without question in my view the fastest 4G network available in Sydney today and their own statistics are demonstrating that.

I for one have just switched back to Vodafone, and the roaming is the key.  As I’m about to hop on a plane to the USA the idea of using my phone exactly as I would at home is super appealing.

What do you reckon?  Cool stats?  Be good to see the same from all the telcos I think.

The Full info graphic is at the Vodafone Blog: http://community.vodafone.com.au/t5/Vodafone-Blog/Infographic-Vodafone-Australia-s-2013-in-review/ba-p/306515?cid=social:all:link:2013yir:20114