Party time doesn’t come much bigger than new years eve each and every year. So when you think of the phrase “there’s an app for that” you really need to remember it’s almost always the case. Here’s an EFTM look at some apps to help you through the busy day.

Find my Friends on iPhone

Find my Friends on iPhone

First up, if you’re heading to a crowded location like Sydney Harbour you might need some help actually finding your mates. Apple has the little discussed “Find my Friends” app to help you with that.

Find my friends uses the same kind of back room technology as the very handy Find my iPhone application which helps you locate lost devices. With Find my Friends you don’t all have to share an iTunes account. With this app you can request your friends “allow” you in their app friend list, and by inviting their “iTunes” email account you’ll get immediate access to their location – but only for a set period of time – say, until the following day. With this you can find your mates once you get of the train or ferry and walk right to them.

If you don’t have an iPhone then that’s not going to help. I’d recommend What’s App for a similar assistance. With What’s App you can not only send messages and pictures, but also your location – so if your mate sends his or her location then you can walk right to them.

UBER for Hire Cars

UBER for Hire Cars

Getting to or from your destination might be easier if your didn’t have to rely on the crappy telephone taxi booking service or standing on the side of the street waiting for a cab. Ingogo, GoCatch and Uber are your friends here. Each has the basic principle of having GPS tracking on taxis in your area so you can not only book but see where the cab is on arrival. EFTM prefers Uber for it’s “Black” (Hire car) and “Lux” (Expensive hire car) options – something to treat yourself, but if you want a plain old Taxi then opt for ingogo or GoCatch as the Uber Taxi drivers are still learning how Uber works in our experience.

Telstra's New Years Eve App for 2013

Telstra’s New Years Eve App for 2013

In case your clock isn’t enough, or you don’t want to call 1194 – try an App to count down to 2014! Yep, an app to count into the new year. Simple huh.

If you’re driving you have the built in Apple Maps or you can download Google Maps right from the App Store. Of course Android phones have Google Maps by default but no Apple maps to download. Regardless, both offer good mapping and real-time traffic conditions – easy to use!

For Sydney-siders Telstra have created a handy app to help with finding fireworks vantage points, send free text messages and submit messages to be shown on the Harbour Bridge Pylons. Very cool. It’s available on iPhone and Android

And if you’re trying to make sense of the Sydney public transport, check out the recommended apps from Sydney Transport – there are a few, but let me save you the trouble – Trip View is awesome, a must have for any smartphone in Sydney and also on iPhone or Android
Trip View - an EFTM Favourite

Trip View – an EFTM Favourite