Living on the world’s largest island and our passion for a big vehicle go hand in hand. But with most Aussies being coastal dwellers many of the hugely capable, all terrain workhorses never see life outside the urban jungle. For a nation that was explored by pioneers on horseback, why do today’s trailblazers spend more time circumnavigating commuter car parks?

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Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok

You may recall the EFTM “Battle Of The Dual Cabs”. Our final verdict showed the Volkswagen Amarok was the leading contender in a very competitive pack. The sophisticated driveline and overall coachwork is second to none, in fact it probably provides a glimpse at where all dual cabs are headed into the future.

You see, gone are the days of bouncy farm style bush bashers. Rubber lined footwells and loud, intrusive Diesel engines are no longer. The capabilities of today’s “One-tonner” extend far beyond the morning commute or shopping run. The combination of SUV mimicking handling, a commanding view and huge off-road potential are very tempting.

Take a look at this example of the Volkswagen Amarok being equipped to handle almost any terrain to deliver something you just wouldn’t expect – a Café on wheels!

The Amarok scores a sophisticated 2.0-litre Biturbo-Diesel pumping out 132kW / 420Nm. It’s quiet and the most refined unit around. With a class leading 8-speed auto available, you start to get the picture.

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok

Then there’s the 4Motion 4WD system, capable of scaling far more than a wet, greasy suburban sports field.

But what really separates a decent dual cab from traditional four-wheelers and SUV’s is the versatility of a rear tray. An entire weekend family camping setup can be quickly tossed in the rear. There’s no need to worry about fouling any plush pile carpet, when things get wet and muddy you simply hose the remnants of a fun excursion away. Plus neighbourly relations will improve with begging for next doors box trailer a distant memory.

When it comes to trays, size does matter. Depending on the model, the Amarok has the largest tub around. With the ability to carry over a tonne, is there a more versatile style of vehicle around? I mean, even your wife will love this!

If you own this type of machine, perhaps it’s time to think about the adventures that can be had.

The question is – how many people do you know who have never taken their 4WD off the road?  And if you’ve got a 4WD what’s the most “off-road” location you’ve visited?  Let us know in the comments below!