If you’re like me and spend a lot of your TV time on A&E since its launch here in Australia on Foxtel you’ve come across shows like Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, American Pickers and perhaps Shipping Wars.  Little might you know that you could use the services of transporters just like those in Shipping Wars right here in Australia.

uShip - Available in Australia

uShip – Available in Australia

As with any good reality TV show the secret is in the edit, so what we see on TV is the best stories of bidding and shipping they can find – it’s not a daily diary.

So what really goes on and how can you use the same service you see in the TV show?

uShip is what it’s all about.  It’s a website where people who have big things to move from a to b list them and hope for bids from transport companies for the work.

And uShip is operating here in Australia – right now.

If you’ve got a car to transport from one side of the country to the other than uShip has the answer for you – you simply log in, leave details of the car and you’re setting up an auction where transport companies will bid for your job.

This boat on a trailer needed to be shipped from Sydney to WA - winning bid was a cost of $4,234

This boat on a trailer needed to be shipped from Sydney to WA – winning bid was a cost of $4,234

But it’s not just cars, just like in the TV show there are unlimited numbers of interesting things needing movement across the country.

Perhaps it’s a pinball machine you’ve bought on eBay, a mobile rock climbing wall, a new boat – whatever it is you’ve just got to ask.

Who knows – perhaps enough crazy things will get shipped around Australia that a TV show could be made – Shipping Wars Australia anyone?

uShip is available in Australia just by going touShip.com/au – and in a great piece of integration you can even list for transport an item listed on eBay – no more concerns about where things are before you bid – now anything is possible.