I spent a fair bit of my youth in the country, growing up with an uncle and grandfather who ran a trucking business moving grain and cattle across NSW. As part of my school holidays there were a few occasions where things got dirty – especially when it came to cleaning up the empty trucks. But I’m pretty happy behind my desk these days. Some people though, they have some dirty jobs!

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Tim “Rosso” Ross went to Toowoomba to meet another Volkswagen Amarok owner – a father and son team whose job is spreading manure across farms as a rich fertiliser.

Got me thinking – what other dirty jobs go on in this great country of ours which we just don’t get to find out about every other day?

Here’s Rosso meeting the Wiecks and their Amaroks out on the farm:

City dwellers struggle with a couple of things – getting out of town and seeing what 4WD type vehicles can do and getting out of the office environment to see what dirty jobs make this country tick.

Personally, jobs like cleaning are some that I’d classify as the dirtiest jobs. But when you consider things like the fertiliser spreading the Wiecks are doing – there must be some more crazy jobs out there right?

Let us know! Tell us in the comments below about people you know doing dirty jobs.