Headphones are fashion – they are often more about fashion that sound in fact. Audio experts Bowers & Wilkins have released a set of headphones with style and a stunning brand to match – “P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone”

Bowers & Wilkins - Maserati edition headphones

Bowers & Wilkins – Maserati edition headphones

These two companies are known for quality and attention to detail – think of the sound quality with a Bowers & Wilkins speaker or headphones, and think of the precise stitching in the leather of a Maserati car. Now combine that into what both companies are describing as an “immersive mobile listening experience”.

The P5 Maserati Edition claim to bring together Bowers & Wilkins sound performance with the design elements and materials drawn from the long and rich heritage of the Maserati brand.

Crafted from fine-grain leather in the iconic deep racing blue of Maserati the Tirdent Maserati logo is on the headband and also the leather travel pouch that comes with them.

Aside from the blue leather and logos the headphones are a match for the original P5 Mobile Hi-Fi headphones from Bowers & Wilkins so are aimed fair and square at someone who knows and loves that Maserati stands for.

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition mobile hi-fi headphones will be available in Australia from April 2014, RRP $549.95. If you love fast cars and sound there’s also the Ferrari by Logic3 series to consider too!