Like never before we’re using webcams for work and connecting with families and now that the pandemic is slowing down, supply on computer accessories is ramping up and we’ve finally got choice in what we buy to up our home office game. The Jabra PanaCast 20 is quite frankly the ultimate webcam, like nothing I’ve seen before.

Webcams come and go, they get better only with the resolution they offer and we’ve noticed that more over recent years haven’t we? People using dodgy old laptop built-in webcams looking shocking on a video conference, and it really matters.

Now, with any computer or laptop you can upgrade to the best, almost broadcast quality camera with the Jabra PanaCast 20.

Sadly, the cheapest we can find it is just over $400 – and that’s a discount on the over $500 RRP.

If you’re doing more than one video call a day, that’s value. If you’re looking to look the best every time, that’s value. But otherwise, head to head with most webcams from $150-$300 it’s hard to justify the bump in price.

However, let me tell you the real trick feature of the Jabra PanaCast 20. It knows where you are. Basically it can focus the video image into an area of the room within it’s field of view and crop to be just you.

Here’s me, sitting at my desk in a normal webcam position.

Now I stand up, walk a few meters back and keep looking at the webcam – it re-frames and puts me in the picture.

It’s genius. As long as you sit still:). Very much like Apple’s “Centre stage” in recent iPads and devices, it’s all about keeping you in the frame, and also including others if they pop in to say hi!

Now to be clear, the BEST quality image is when you’re sitting front and centre. Stand up the back corner for a whole video call and the quality of the image is lacking. But that’s not where it’s primary use is.

This is 4K video, with HDR and the intelligent zoom just ads a nice touch of simplicity about getting the picture right.

It’s a small unit, but really pumps out the quality compared to that form factor.

I really love it, and it’s my primary webcam now. Problem is. it’s a pricey little sucker, so as I say, you’ll need to be a really big-time video user if this is to suit you.