It’s amazing, on any other car this design just wouldn’t work – but Alfa Romeo have always had an edgy look with Italian style, and it works, it just does.  The MiTo is a small car in every way, and this bottom of the line TwinAir model packs a tiny 0.9l 2 cylinder engine – so that’s got to be good for fuel economy right?

Alfa Romeo - MiTo

Alfa Romeo – MiTo

Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: MiTo

Variant: Base

Engine / Transmission: 0.9l TwinAir 2 Cylinder petrol, 6 speed manual

Vital Stats: Power 77kW @ 5,500 rpm / 145Nm @ 5,500 rpm

Alfa Claimed Fuel Economy: 5/3.8/4.2l / 100km (City/Highway/Combined)

EFTM Claimed Fuel Economy: 9.2l / 100km

MRRP Price: $22,500 (Plus on roads)

Wow Factor : You’re getting an Alfa for $22k, it’s a pretty decent badge to have in the driveway and it’s got the face to prove it

Most Impressive : There are lawn mowers with bigger engines, so to pack this tiny 0.9l into what appears to be a standard small car/hatch is impressive and should offer value at the long run – the ride and handling make it a sweet ride and gives you a good feeling around the bends.

Not So Impressive : When you have “that much” power – or lack thereof, it really is a very different driving experience which takes some getting used to.  Also, we’re not sure how to get fuel figures anywhere near the 4.2 claimed so there’s some work to do there.