Oakley is a name well associated with quality eyewear, cool sports and sportspeople and some very radical designs over the years.  You might not realise they’ve been at it for 30 years! To celebrate, they’re releasing the Oakley Heritage Collection.

Oakley celebrates 30 years

Oakley celebrates 30 years

Cast your mind’s eye back to the 80’s – the decade that inspired and started the Oakley brand, and you might just find these new looks seeming very very familiar.

Oakley Heritage Collection - RazorBlades

Oakley Heritage Collection – RazorBlades

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First up, the Oakley Eyeshades – these come from a time when very few sportspeople wore eyewear to actually enhance their performance, so when you revolutionise the frame with a secure fit and clarity for all round viewing you end up with this now classic look.  These Eyeshades will come in three colour options.

Screen Shot 2014-03-312Perhaps my first recollection of Oakley comes with the Razor Blades.  Lightweight, super comfortable there’s a range of colour combinations being made available as the Razor Blades enter the Heritage collection – with each frame coming with both the straight and round-the-ear earstems.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31And to top it off – the Frogskins, a design that has really passed with flying colours through the test of time – the contrasting colours of the front and sides makes these things really pop as a look.

If you want to check them out – you can see the Oakley Heritage Collection  in all Oakley O Stores and top glasses retail outlets and online at Oakley.com.au