My Kitchen Rules might be one of the most successful shows on Aussie TV this year, the ratings don’t lie – but there is a new way of measuring the overall success of a brand, of a show – online. Yahoo!7 is the online arm of the Seven Network and they’ve been doing some pretty amazing numbers during the current season of “MKR”

EFTM has some of the numbers that make up what is hard to argue is a pretty impressive result thus far. These stats and numbers were produced before the weekend shows and tonight’s final.

The team from My Kitchen Rules

The team from My Kitchen Rules

This season (Jan-Apr 2014) My Kitchen Rules has had a cumulative total of 2.1 million unique users visiting the official website. When people visited the site, they’ve been watching video after video of out-takes, highlights and catch up TV. MKR alone achieved 4.6 million video streams before the final week had even arrived – in February alone the Yahoo!7 TV site was able to deliver 7.45million streams in total with the help of the contribution MKR made.

20130319065712!My_Kitchen_Rules_LogoTurning to social media and the My Kitchen Rules Facebook total daily reach is almost one million users across all posts. The highest single post on the page reached over 1.14M people – oh, and we checked, this is organic reach, no paid or “boosted” posts. Facebook have reported that on the MKR official fan page there were something like 81,000 average click interactions and 50,000 text interactions every minute during the program itself.

Comparatively the My Kitchen Rules’ Facebook reach is up 30% on 2013 gaining well over 100,000 new fans this series. That’s double the amount for the same period last season.

It’s pretty impressive for a TV show to have over half a million followers – and it’s a solid platform for promotion of the current and future series.

Over on Twitter, the Australian Twitter office have released stats to show that My Kitchen Rules is the most engaged TV show on Twitter. In the race for reality TV, #MKR generated 260% more twitter “buzz” than #TheBlock since the 2014 launch.

Twitter AU's

Twitter AU’s “When People Tweet” during an #MKR episode

What’s it all mean? The power of social media is not lost on the TV networks. Yahoo!7 are pumping out loads of online and social content and it’s clearly kicking goals. In this connected world, the second screen is as important as the first – so look out for this style of operation across more and more TV shows in your social media feeds.