Anyone who’s seen the Netflix Drive to Survive series which went behind the scenes during the 2018 Formula One series knows how compelling a sports story can be if shown warts and all.

In the last 24 hours two new Aussie sports documentaries have been announced, due to hit our screens in 2020, they are all-access no holds barred documentaries.

The Aussie Cricket team was toxic after the scandal in South Africa which saw three players banned.

A new show “The Test” follows the team’s journey back from the brink to the Ashes series this year.

The series hits Amazon Prime in early 2020.

Yesterday, as the Virgin Australia Supercars series wrapped up in Newcastle, another behind the scenes show was teased.

Coming in February 2020, the show follows the Penrite Racing team – Erebus – through the Supercars championship on and off the track.

It appears to have the same style approach and access to the Formula One Series on Netflix, but this time focussing on one team here in Australia under their “Benevolent Dictator” Betty Klimenko.

Both look fantastic.

Bring on 2020.