One of the challenges of selecting the right vehicle for your needs is knowing whether or notit can follow through with what you hoped it might do – and towing is one such area where you really need to see it to believe it.

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Despite its rugged reputation the VolkswagenAmarok was built to offer more than just robust, go anywhere attributes. For a dual-cab it cossets the most precious cargo of all, the occupants.

There are plenty of hints pointing towards its German heritage. Quality interior plastics and a stylish dash make the Amarok more than just a reliable workhorse.

Refined and unusually quiet, as far as dual-cabs go the VW comes very close to rivalling sedan levels of creature comforts.

Speaking of workhorses…

It’s all about those important torque and towing capacity figures. Thankfully the Amarok is bred for towing or carrying a load. With 132kW / 420Nm and a class leading 8-speed auto, lugging a maximum of 3000kg around should prove no problem.

When it comes to towing, it doesn’t get much more difficult than a horse float. With a couple of huge beasts on board, the weight is surely just one factor – when you consider the ability for the load to move at will it really does become a challenge.

As part of the Volkswagen video series highlighting the many benefits of their outstanding Amarok range, Tim “Rosso” Ross visited a rural vet who has to have the towing capacity to get from place to place with horses in-tow. This video shows you just how easy it does it, and with the comfort of the Amarok as an added benefit.