I’ve gotta say, the Worx SD has been a game changer for me – great battery life, easy to keep around, so many fittings and has meant reaching into the toolbox is an infrequent thing.  So with a new multi-tool coming to hardware stores from Worx I’m confident their claims that it can “change the way you look at DIY jobs forever” is likely spot on.

The Worx 20v Sonicrafter includes 39 accessories and uses micro-sonic high-frequency technology to allow you to jump into jobs like cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding and polishing.

Just this last weekend I looked at a huge piece of MDF we have in the shed and wanted to cut it in half to move it out for council cleanup.  No way I’m using a hand-saw on that thing – so a circular saw is about my only option given I know my father-in-law has one.

Worx Sonicrafter

Worx Sonicrafter

But perhaps, just perhaps, this Sonicrafter is just what I need!

Your hand is kept steady thanks to the vibration reduction feature, and the thing charges fully in just one hour.  Like the SD tool there’s also an LED light to keep you on track even in the dark.

Normally product YouTube videos are a bit silly, but in this case – you kinda gotta see it to believe it.  Check it out:

It will set you back $199 and will be available very soon at Masters, Home Hardware, Mitre10, Stratco and selected local hardware stores.