Did you know that 98 percent of Pistachios consumed in the US are grown in California? Or that Pistachios are related to Cashews and even Mangos? Neither did I, amazing hey. Cue ‘Wonderful Pistachios’ a fun, premium snack to devour on the couch or even in the man cave.

Wonderful Pistachios has hit the shelves positioned as a great party food when entertaining guests and offer something a little different from the usual heavily salted beer nuts or chips.

Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios

They’re available in a quartet of flavours – Sweet Chili, Salt & Pepper, Roasted & Salted and Unsalted. Knocking off a whole bag in one session is virtually guaranteed, particularly after a few beers! However as moreish as they may be the Pistachios are only mildly flavoured, with all four varieties tasting fairly similar anyway.

Available at Coles or Woolworths for $7.99rrp per 250g and with its premium, stylish packaging, it’s an alternate party snack for when unexpected guests show up or you simply have a sudden Pistachio craving.

Unfortunately the discarded empty shells gravitate towards lounge chair crevices like moths to a flame, my better half made this more than clear to me.