As the uninvited and approaching winter chill starts creeping into Australian homes many start looking for tasty, yet soul warming snack options. It’s hard to beat a convenient snack in a mug and now there’s another tempting option, it’s called Mug Shot.

Originating from the mother country, Mug Shot is big in the UK and has now arrived on our shores.


Mug Shot, The Five Minute Winter Warmer.

Mug Shot, The Five Minute Winter Warmer.

The official EFTM taste tester (i.e. me) has been hard at work over the last week devouring the six flavours on offer. Knocking up a Mug Shot is a relatively simple affair, add hot water, stir and wait five minutes. The last step is probably the least convenient with some rival bands offering a slightly quicker alternative. But Mug Shot is jam packed with more than enough pasta and noodles to kill off those hunger pangs.

The range includes Sweet & Sour (noodle), Chicken & Sweet Corn (pasta), Creamy Cheese (pasta), Tomato & Herb (pasta), Thai Style (noodle) and Chinese (noodle). I can testify the in-between meals snack alternative is satisfying no matter what variety tickles your fancy. But I did take a particular liking to the Creamy Cheese Pasta.

Meat avoiders and waist watches can take comfort in the knowledge that all flavours are suitable for vegetarians, contain no artificial colours or preservatives and are baked, not fried offering no more than 3 per cent fat per mug.

So when hunger calls and you have a spare five minutes, pick up your favorite combination from Coles for a RRP of just $1.39