Australians love their cars, and it seems we love our sports cars just as much. Following on from other milestones for the Toyota 86 – Toyota have today announced a global sales milestone and with that a bit of further insights into local sales.

Toyota 86 - GTS

Toyota 86 – GTS

The 100,000th Toyota 86 has been sold – that’s a huge milestone for this modern classic, and here in Australia alone just over one in ten of those global sales has taken place.

10,363 86’s have been sold in Australia with the 10,000th being sold at almost the same time as the global figure tipped passed 100,000.

Australia is the biggest market for the 86 outside of Japan and the USA (39,000 and 35,000 sales respectively)

Interestingly, given the great value of the entry-level 86, more than two-thirds of the sales have been in the more expensive GTS variant.

Breaking it down further, 40% of customers opted for the GTS Manual, while the GTS auto makes up 25% of sales.

To remind ourselves of the success of this car, 6,706 were sold in Australia in 2013. Before that the last Toyota sports car to sell more than 6,700 in a year was in 1980 with the Celica, and the gap in time is demonstrated most clearly by the lacklustre sales of the MR2 which topped out at 483 sales, or the Supra which topped its sales in ’84 with 707 cars sold.

We’ve revisited the 86 only recently, and there’s no doubt it’s a drivers car – Toyota is on a winner with this one.