If you’ve got an iPhone you know full well there are loads of great music “docks” available – plug your phone in, and play your music nice and loud. In fact, if you’ve got an iPhone and don’t have some sort of speaker system you’re crazy – that little smartphone is a powerhouse for music – especially when accompanied by a solid speaker/dock. We’ve taken a look at the Philips Micro Music System which does so much.

DCB2270 Micro Music System Diagonal View

I first thought this was another dock.. Then I had a little look around it.

Stylish design, thin at the top and edges but curved around the back it would look great on a mantle or kitchen bench.

DCB2270_10-APP-global-001What you’ve got here is an FM stereo, as well as Digital (DAB+) radio. That DAB+ radio is one reason to make a b-line for this sound system – some great high quality sound and new stations are available on Digital Radio in Aussie capital Cities.

Then there is your CD player in the top – a rare thing in modern multi-systems, and of course out front – the iPhone dock.

When I say iPhone, this is so well designed you’ll also be able to throw your iPad, or iPod in there too.

DCB2270 Micro Music System Diagonal View front viewOh, you’ve got a lightning dock connector? Or the old 30pin iPhone connector? No problems – the dock part of this system rotates to suit. BOTH connections are supported. A well designed and well executed concept.

It’s great, and the sound is just what you’d want – nothing amazing to be frank, but the quality any average consumer would enjoy. That said, we’ve got two speakers, a 2.75 inch woofer and the sound at 20W is everything you could want.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Philips Micro Music System” rev_body=”A great design, excellent sound, and all the features you will need – CD, Digital Radio, FM, and iOS Docking” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2014-05-25″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]