Ok, so you’ve heard of fitness trackers like the FitBit, Garmin VivoFit and Jawbone Up. These devices track your activity, record it in an app on your phone so you can monitor your fitness and wellbeing with the hope of improving your fitness over time. Imagine applying that same principle to quitting smoking. That’s what a Kickstater project is hoping to do

233ebd6a15ac6c034fa04ee93ccec390_largeQuitbit is a cigarette lighter. Instead of an open flame, it uses a heat coil to light your cigarette – kinda like the old car cigarette lighters I guess.

The difference this time is because the lighter is actually a smart device, it can track the number of times you light up, tell you when you last lit up and all that data can be synchronised with an app on your phone so you can see your progress over time.

a2193e428ec94bd6a8905e9382fe6ef7_largeIf you’re a smoker – you may have been asked “how many do you smoke a day?” Unless you’re a “pack a day” smoker, you probably don’t really know, and unless you’re prepared to go cold-turkey, perhaps slowing down is the best way to quit?

That’s the principal of Quitbit. Great idea. Backable now at Kickstarter – with backing already up to around $28,000 of the $50,000 required.

If you want one, they are hoping to ship them this December – so get in now to be one of the first – back their project, you never know, might be your road to quitting.