Get free advice on money, cars, insurance, real estate and more – Echofied launches

It’s amazing how fast things move in business in 2016. In March we told you about Eccho Me, an App that allowed you to ask simple finance questions and get crowdsourced answers from experts.  Today that app has evolved into a service across more than just finance.

Echofied is the evolution of Eccho me with the ability for users to ask questions on a wide range of topics and seek answers from people in the know.


Of course, the people answering are motivated – they’re hoping for leads, but the concept is obligation free, you don’t have to read the advice, take the advice and certainly you don’t have to call them.


But if you for example ask a question about a car you’re thinking of buying, and someone takes the time to help, don’t you think they are more likely now than another for you to contact them when the time comes to actually buying?


It’s all about customer service, it’s about being where the customers are, lead generation, and taking a whole new approach to it.


We love the idea, and hope it goes from strength to strength.




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