BEST Luxury Car 2014 – Infiniti Q50 Hybrid

We regard the Infiniti Q50 range as a fine example of automotive design. Looking like a sexed up Mazda 6, it’s a uniquely different sedan proving indulgent luxury doesn’t always have to be European. But it was V6 Hybrid Premium variant that really pushed our motoring lust button.

Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50

The stellar 3.5-litre V6 with Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid® uses a 50kW electric motor. Boasting a combined output of 268kW and 546Nm, from a standstill there’s the potential to leave an army of pretenders behind. The 100km/h dash is dispatched not too long after 5 seconds.

Infiniti Q50 (Hybrid)

Infiniti Q50 (Hybrid)

As far as luxury goes it’s a big yes from us. Aluminum trim gets a sizeable workout, framing the centre stack, half of the centre console and with slices of it embedded into the upper portion of the door trim. Sumptuous leather coats the seats and all touch-points get some degree of quality treatment. All this combined with a ride that is serene and eerily smooth.


Then there’s the vast array of technology, it really is drive-by-wire stuff with no active mechanical link between fingers and the road. The wheel stays stable at all times, no feedback, no following groves in the road, a complete disconnect between the wheels and hands. We said at the time
“The Active Trace Control system takes some getting used to. Spirited driving with all the nanny systems activated can be a challenge. There’s a fine line between fun and reckless driving, the Q50 unfortunately intervenes before the fun starts and certainly a long time before anything dangerous. This makes it either a very safe car, or a very frustrating one. It depends on what you’re looking for.

But in hindsight, with the benefit of driving many of the latest and greatest luxury cars of 2013/14 we still reminisce about our time with the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Premium. A memorable car and exactly why it earns an EFTM Best.

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