Everyone’s got a mobile, so our first thought was to choose a best telco – but in reality, there’s a fair bit at stake when it comes to choosing a telco, from plan length, contract terms, coverage, speed, customer service – all of these things mean a lot in different ways to different people. So we’ve decided to award our Best based on Roaming.

Roaming is a bit more of an apples and apples comparison. You see, while some may have the best network coverage, others the best network speed, one company the best prices and another the best customer service – if you’re travelling overseas – there’s a direct comparison we can make.

We were looking for simplicity and price.

Globalgig is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for data alone – taking a Globalgig SIM for your iPad means you can roam for as little as 10c a mb or even use your monthly allowance at home and away in a small group of companies, so Globalgig gets a Highly Recommended from us.


But for roaming generally, hands down the Best is Vodafone.

When travelling in a huge range of countries, you just turn on your phone on landing and you can literally use it like you’re at home.

If you travel overseas at all, you know the pain of switching off data-roaming on your phone then not being able to use it as you normally would while you’re away. So many scare stories about people who have been hit with huge bills when they get home.

Vodafone changed that game last year. Their “Red Roaming” makes it so simple. We’ve used it several times, and simply cannot imagine not being on Vodafone when travelling. $5 a day while you’re away and you use your phone like you’re at home. All your data, local calls and calls back home – all part of the plan.

On our recent trip to Europe we used nearly 2GB of data in just 6 days – that might have cost a small fortune, but instead – $30 on top of the normal plan price. Fantastic.

Plus, we could call anyone in Australia and anyone in the local country as part of the “unlimited” calls on our particular plan.

Vodafone have set the bar for travellers looking for genuine global roaming – calls, texts and data.