It’s been a pretty rough 24 hours for Jody Allen, the face and founder of “Stay at Home Mum”. Under fire for allegedly purchasing domain names similar or related to competitor sites, her Facebook page is awash with complaints and concerns from her readers – Today, Jody published a video on Facebook and acknowledged “Yes this was a mistake, but I’m going to fix it”.

It takes a fair bit of strength to put your face and voice to a statement which needs to be made, rather than just typing a statement, Jody Allen recorded her statement and published it in full on Facebook.

Jody describes yesterday as “one of the worst days of my life”, and she went on to “further extend a call for Katrina (The Organised Housewife) to contact me”, “my only error was in judging the advice I’d been given, in saying that, I solely take responsibility for the this bad decisions, and I do apologise wholeheartedly to anyone who has been directly affected”

Jody states that Stay at Home Mum has been portrayed as a “corporate juggernaut” – while filming the video in a pretty everyday looking home office.

For the full statement, watch the video below.

Following the publication of the video, Stay at Home Mum have posted online stating that


Probably wise, given Chris’ online comments have been less than favourable, and his previous tweets while deleted were still a little more than slightly misguided.

We’ve contact Jody for further comment, but more than anything couldn’t agree more with her call for “calm” – Social media can be a brutal thing, and when you consider that no matter how big the “enterprise” of “Stay at Home Mum” is, comments on Facebook can be hurtful and should be considered before posting.

EFTM has spoken to Jody from Stay at Home Mum and we’re delighted that she has seen fit to correct the error of her ways by gifting the domain names in question to the relevant website operators, and temporarily standing down Chris Gryg.