Another very difficult category. You’ve gotta pick a winner though right? iPhone 5s a great phone – easy to use and still extremely popular. The Galaxy S5 is the most popular Android phone on the market and is also one of the most feature rich. Its popularity is largely driven by the marketing power of Samsung.

Likewise the Motorola “moto x” is a fantastic little phone – but who knows about it?

When you put these devices side by side, they can all do very similar things and likely just as well as each other.


What makes the HTC ONE (M8) stand out from the crowd is the build quality. You want to feel like you’ve got value for money – the HTC ONE (M8) has a stunning design, full metal construction and specs that Galaxy S5 owners wouldn’t give a second thought to – these devices are a direct match for each other and the HTC ONE (M8) wins on overall value.