If you’re not getting your hands dirty and risking some sort of injury in your day-to-day job, it’s unlikely you’ll be shocked to find you’re not on the list of Australia’s manliest jobs.  Just which occupations made the top of the list though might surprise you.

If all tradies looked like this bloke (Tom Williams) we mere mortal non-tradies wouldn't stand a bloody chance!

If all tradies looked like this bloke (Tom Williams) we mere mortal non-tradies wouldn’t stand a bloody chance!

Those very manly folk at Old Spice threw some cash at some research to ask Australian’s just which professions ranked up there for brute appeal.

Drumroll please… Tradies, take a bow, the ladies are swooning for you – Top rated most “manly” occupation.  The traditional calendar pin-up occupation of Firemen was just pipped for the top spot while security guards will be pleased to hear they’re number three on the list.

Pushing down the list even further you’ll find miners, mechanics, soldiers and bomb disposal experts!  One consistent feature of the manly job was brute force or brawn – the most critical attribute for a manly job was found to be that it must be physically demanding or require heavy lifting.

And here’s the big shock (Not!) – One in three single women would rather date a man who has a manly job.

At that point the survey took a strange turn.  Looking at where your mum fits into life – a staggering one-third of the mums of tradie types aged 18-24 are still buying their sons undies!  Come on lads – get your act together.

Old Spice say that “over half (of mums) are still insisting on doing their son’s washing” – I’d argue that those mums are not insisting, rather they are doing because they know that their tradie son will just keep wearing old dirty clothes.

Oh, and while we’re talking about mum – keep an eye on your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook – one-third of mums are following their son’s every move on social media.

Finally, and I’m not sure if this is meant to freak you out, or put you at ease if it’s happened to you – but the survey from Old Spice found that 8% of mums had walked in on their sons while “in the act”. Ahh.. ok…