I love the Jeep ad, you know the one – the little boy sees the big Jeep they just bought and says “we’re going to need a bigger boat”. Well, they might be lucky and have a huge space at home for said boat, but what about those who wouldn’t mind taking to the water but lack the space?

The EFTM crew are heading out to get our boat licenses soon – who knew that was a whole day affair – so many rules to learn and let’s be honest, there’s no traffic lights or lanes out there, so it’s probably not a bad thing.

My only experience on the water to date has been hiring a houseboat on the Hawkesbury River a few times with friends – fortunately it was more of a traditional boat than one of those boxy looking house-boats you might have in mind.  It was great to potter around and enjoy the river, take a dip and sleep out overnight.

The anchoring technique and general navigation though left a lot to be desired.  But, as family grows up and the weather gets warm the idea of getting out on the water often jumps back into mind.  Goodness only knows where I’d start – other than getting a licence.  And without question I’m not sure we have the room at our place for a boat in the driveway.

If you’re thinking more than just personal water-craft, and want to take the family out, you’re going to need an actual boat.  Here’s a few we found


Ok, so at $22m Euro, this “2012 San Lorenzo” might be a bit out of your range, but hey – it’s ok to dream right?


While stunning to look at, and perfect for cruising the Hawkesbury River and surrounds, this 2005 Riviera is a cool $545,000.


A little smaller, this 2012 Benetaue Antares will still set you back $155k – it’s got low nautical miles right?


I watched enough Fishing shows to recognise the “Haines Signature” brand, and this 702L will set you back just $62,000.


A little short of $50k will nab you this 1999 Sea Ray 270 Sundancer.

If you’re spending less than that, you’re probably getting something that fits in the driveway. But for these things, you’re going to need a berth.

Floating out on the harbour or river isn’t something I’ve been keen on – I like the idea that it’s out of the elements in those extreme circumstances.

Regardless of what I think, your options are really:

I’d heard of the rack & stack options before, but with marina space likely hard to find there seems to be a growth in the dry berth options.  I’ve driven past a huge “rack and stack” being built in the centre of Sydney, while d’Albora have Rack & Stack options in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Turns out, even if you don’t have the space, but you’ve got the inkling to go boating and the cash to get started with a vessel to suit your needs – the space in the driveway might not have to be a problem!