Fetch TV adds TenPlay, new features – now available at Harvey Norman

From being an ISP add-on service with iiNet, Optus and others, Fetch TV is finally growing up – and is now available at Harvey Norman nationally, with new features released at the same time for all existing and new customers.

Catch up 2

TenPlay joins ABC and SBS

Fetch TV’s Catch Up TV menu has for a long time had the ABC iView and SBS On Demand services available – the latest software upgrade adds the Network Ten catch up service TenPlay. The beauty of the Fetch Catch Up service menu and services is the shared navigation, so users don’t need to learn a new discovery or menu system across networks – it’s the same for all channels.

Fetch TV expects to add another network to the service in the next month – with just Plus 7 and Nine’s JumpIn remaining it’s all good news for Fetch viewers.

New Features

  • The editorial team at Fetch TV are now grouping all the big TV shows together in a “Top Shows” menu (Menu > TV > Top Shows) making it easy to find the most popular shows on TV, and set them to record and series link.
  • With the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) one of the most important features of Fetch TV, the addition of Real-Time EPG data means you won’t miss the start or end of your recorded shows.  This means you can remove those add-on minutes that sit at the start and end of the recording, because the PVR knows the show is still running and won’t stop recording until it’s over.
  • For movie lovers there are new discounted movies available in the rentals section for $2.95 – you’ll find 18 reduced priced movies at a time
  • Sneak Peek channel – Your channel 999 will now preview some of the subscription (Pay TV) channels available on the Entertainment pack.  For 14 days at a time channel 999 will stream (via your broadband connection) one of the subscription channels for you to preview.
  • And if you’re still learning how to get the best of your Fetch TV – jump into the Apps menu for new “Top Tips” on how to get the most from Fetch TV.

Top Shows 2

As we indicated in our detailed review of Fetch TV a couple of months ago, Fetch TV is now available to purchase outright for $379 and a $5 per month subscription – from 192 Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne stores across the country.

The updated features are available now for iiNet Group ISPs and Fetch TV retail customers,  Optus customers will get the update tomorrow (7th July)





  1. Mark F

    July 7, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    The new Sneak Peek channel feature is pretty neat. I am tempted to get a Fetch TV box due to it being good value for money, hesitant to leave Foxtel before trying out the new iQ3 though.

    I know that you have had some involvement with the new SBS HbbTV app Trevor, how does this differ to the app on Fetch TV? I presume that Freeview Plus is completely separate to Fetch TV?

    • Trevor Long

      July 7, 2014 at 2:16 pm

      Freeview plus is very different.. The fetch app is just like any other on a smart tv really.. But all networks share an interface

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