This was a tough decision, so many great security products on the market right now.

Google’s new range of Nest products are really slick. Arlo continues to go from strength to strength.

For me, those products are outstanding, but incrementally building on their previous generations. What I saw with the Uniden 4K NVR was something different.

No, it’s not a fully wire-free camera system. For those that want locally stored vision, continuously recording an NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a great solution.

However, running cables and installing cameras is a punish. Which is why I love this new 4K NVR system. You can use a combination of both wired and wireless cameras. So where its possible and perhaps easy to install wiring from the NVR to the camera – go for it. But for other areas, a power point is all you need.

Nifty, simple, and extremely high quality recordings.

Probably one of the tightest margins for our award win this year, but in the end, the Uniden 4K NVR tipped it over the line for the EFTM Best Security award.