2020 was a shit year. Bushfires ravaged huge parts of the East Coast of Australia, then the bloody Coronavirus led to some dark times.

Sadly, many died. It was a horrible year for those who lost loved ones. Firefighters, Home owners, elderly, no matter what the circumstance any death is sad.

So while Time might have their Person of the year, we here at EFTM look back on 2020 with a very clear memory of the overall majority being in this together.

From the initial lockdowns to the epic closure of Victoria, there were complaints, there were issues, but for the most part the country supported each other, and our leaders through the toughest of times.

Ignoring the ridiculous conspiracy theorists for now, let’s look at the majority.

It’s amazing work done by the RFS and Fire fighters, and by the health officials across the country.

But without Australians being supportive of other Australians and the decisions of our leaders – we’d be much much deeper in the shit.

Perhaps America should take note.

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BEST 2020 Person

Good on ya Australia.