There is so much advanced technology in car design today that not only makes things more comfortable for the driver and passenger, but hugely impacts occupant safety too. NRMA Insurance ’s “Crashed Car Showroom” was established to demonstrate some of the advanced safety features available in modern cars today.

One of the features of the “Crashed Car Showroom” is the dissected car. This Peugeot has been cut into pieces, exposing some of the inner workings of a vehicle like you’ve never seen them before.

Many of these features are available or even standard on many new cars sold today.

Take ABS as an example. Once a promoted feature of a car, this is now an expectation of modern cars – ABS ensures that your hard application of the brake pedal doesn’t result in lock-ups of the wheels, thus improving your stopping distance in an emergency.

Some cars even detect that you are applying the brake with such force that the vehicle will apply “Emergency Brake Assistance” which applies the brakes even harder than any person could with their own force.

Combine this with stability control and things like brake-force distribution and you’re starting to get a feeling that there’s more in your car than you may have ever known.
Sure, when you were in the showroom you checked out the location of the cup-holders and the quality of the entertainment system, but the technology in the braking system probably wasn’t a consideration.

Consider the construction of the modern car – new technologies to help the vehicle absorb the impact of an accident, seatbelts that automatically remove the slack and keep you tight in your seat during an accident. Airbags – another thing we just take for granted.

NRMA Insurance has put together an excellent video – I’ll call it a 101 of car safety systems – and at just 4 minutes, it’s a great demonstration of these and many other systems.

Learning more about these types of systems will also help you understand the ANCAP rating system which is applied to all new cars. Knowing what and why vehicles get their ratings will help you remain informed and educated when buying a new car.

Check out more on the NRMA Insurance Safety Hub .


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