With Father’s Day 2014 upon us why not produce a gift that’s at least useful. Sure socks and pewter mugs have their place but how about something that will at the very least get him off the couch for a couple of hours?

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It may require a little elbow grease but Autoglym’s premium car polish, suited to cars, boats and bikes will make Dad feel a tad special, all while producing a shine that will impress the neighbours and possibly even the wife. Available in a limited, specially marked bottle “Super Dad’s Resin Polish” is available from Repco and Autobarn stores just for Father’s Day.

The family troop carrier acts as the hub for many households across the country so there’s no shame in giving it a little love, at least one a year. Super Dad’s Resin Polish will restore a little pride in the old family workhorse. So quick and easy to use it will make any car probably only a one or 2 Long Neck job.

C’mon it’s Dad’s time to shine and with a 500ml bottle priced at $28 it’s also just enough to avoid looking like a cheapskate.

Super Dad’s Resin Polish is available for a limited time from Autobarn and Repco.

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