This is the most competitive car category without a doubt, so choosing a winner is exceptionally hard. But nominating a model that’s aspirational, full of technology and one renowned for quality is easy. You simply can’t go past the Audi Q5.

The 2017 Q5 is new from the ground up although still manages to maintain the Q5 look. But underneath is the very latest technology and design Audi have on offer. The new Quattro Ultra system uses a myriad of sensors to predict traction loss. This makes for a more efficient and extremely safe vehicle, the Q5 will send drive to the rear wheels before you even know it’s needed.

We covered almost 1000km over two days in the Q5, never feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. Prices start at $65,990 and escalate quickly making for a pretty expensive way to cart around five people. But the craftmanship, expertise and sheer on road ability and safety earn the Audi Q5 the 2017 EFTM Best SUV Award.