So you think you’ve got the best seat in the house? Nope. There’s always something better. Someone with corporate catering, someone with a better view, or a seat closer to the action. Samsung has revealed its latest promotional “activation” – the Slideliner.
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.07.38 pm

No before you get excited – it’s not for everyone. These are exclusive seats, for owners of brand new Samsung Smart TV’s. Buy a (specific) Samsung Smart between 14 July and 30 September 2014 and you’re allowed to enter for a chance. Frankly, the odds are good – think of the number of TV’s and then rule out the huge numbers who just don’t bother entering stuff like this – you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

Samsung SlideLiner & Wallabies

What Samsung have done is built a “couch” which is actually four race car like seats built into a contraption which sits out on the sideline.

Sideline “couch” seats as a promotional idea is so 2013. For Samsung, they’ve put the couch on rails – added some drive and given this thing the chance to move at up to 20kph along with the action. You’ll be following the action along the sideline without leaving your seat!

It’s going to be at three matches during the International Rugby Season this coming August, September and October

  • Wallabies V All Blacks at ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Saturday 16 August 2014
  • Wallabies V Springboks, Patersons Stadium, Perth, Saturday 6 September 2014
  • Wallabies V All Blacks, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Saturday 18 October 2014

If you get motion sick, this might not be for you – moving along an 80m track side to side at 20kph might upset some stomachs.

Samsung SlideLiner

Oh, and in addition to the seats you’ll find Samsung devices built-in so you can share your sideline experience via social media as well as cameras to take snaps o the action.

There’s a bunch more info at which is also where you go if you bought a Samsung TV and want to enter.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.07.46 pm

Full marks to the Marketing team at Samsung – a cracking good idea!

Here’s the full list of Samsung Models which – if you buy one of – get you an entry in the draw:

  • UA48H6300AWXXY
  • UA75H6400AWXXY
  • UA48H6400AWXXY
  • UA75H7000AWXXY
  • UA55H6300AWXXY
  • UA48HU8500WXXY
  • UA55H6400AWXXY
  • UA50HU7000WXXY
  • UA55H7000AWXXY
  • UA55HU7000WXXY
  • UA55H8000AWXXY
  • UA55HU8500WXXY
  • UA60H6300AWXXY
  • UA55HU9000WXXY
  • UA60H6400AWXXY
  • UA65HU8500WXXY
  • UA60H7000AWXXY
  • UA65HU9000WXXY
  • UA65H6400AWXXY
  • UA78HU9000WXXY
  • UA65H8000AWXXY