When I think of Weird Al Yankovic, I think of “Like a Surgeon” and “Fat” – two great parody songs which I heard a lot as a kid – perhaps I’m showing my age. I know he’s done other stuff between now and then, but as far as I’m concerned this latest video is a complete throw back to those great songs from Weird Al – His own take on Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”

He’s gone Tacky – the song talks about loads of tacky things, and the video itself is the personification of tacky – high profile stars like Jack Black and Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet dressed in ridiculous outfits singing crazy lyrics.

It’s a must watch – Weird Al at his best – and, it’s the first of eight apparently!

And of course, if you haven’t heard that “other” – not-so-famous parody of Happy – here it is: