Bausele watchesAustralia has jumped into the Swiss watch making game with the emergence of new brand, Bausele. Designed in Australia, these relatively affordable watches are then crafted in Switzerland to stringent guidelines.

There are three different models in the Bausele range – the Yachting, Ocean Moon and Vintage. We’re guessing you can tell what the first and third are all about but for those scratching their head on the Ocean Moon, that would be a watch for surfers – moon, tide, waves… you get it, right?

Christopher Hoppe is the brains behind the Bausele brand. “Inspiration struck when I was walking on the beach in Newcastle one day and saw mines in the horizon, red earth and sand,” he said. “That’s when the idea for Bausele and the desire to create premium watches was born. I wanted to make something that is unique to the country, doesn’t compromise on high design or quality and gives people the opportunity to take a piece of Australia with them. Each watch is a fashion statement, a functional timepiece and a story in itself.”

Making the brand (which, by the way, stands for Beyond Australian Elements) even more unique is that actual elements of Australia are used in the watches construction. Red earth, sand or coal are in the crown of each Bausele watch.

If you want one, you can only grab them online. The Vintage will set  you back $248, the Ocean Moon $388 and the priciest, the Yachting, will do $588 worth of damage to your wallet.

Hardly Tag Heuer pricing. Each watch comes with a warranty of five years and is 200 metres water resistant.

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