It’s a plain white t-shirt.  Pretty boring all and all.  When you walk out in the rain or spill a drink – things start to get interesting.  The “Cavalier” from Threadsmiths is a pretty remarkable piece of fashion and technology.  EFTM wonders if it’s all just a precursor for a much bigger deal for this little Aussie company.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.42.16 pmThey sent me a shirt, I put it on my seven year old son and told him to stand in the shower while I sprayed him.  He was confused.

Turns out, the water just beads on the surface – not unlike a freshly polished car when water is sprayed on it.  That water just glides off and you’re left with a dry shirt.

Well, if you spray water direct it does start to seep through because it has to – or it would be un-washable, but under a tap you can see the effect.

Spills at the dinner table or while cooking could be a problem of the past if this catches on.  Which I don’t think it will.

You can buy one now if you like – $65.  However, I think the real game here for Melbourne Based Threadsmiths is in the “patented fabric nanotechnology” they have.

Imagine restaurants and cafes – the tablecloths, the aprons, perhaps even in hospital and medical sectors.

What the team at Threadsmiths have is pretty incredible – we have to wonder what it will lead to, but it seems that’s the future for this technology – we’ll wait and see what they do with it.