Is it a performance car, is it a supercar? The very fact we’ve asked the question says plenty about the Jaguar F-type Convertible that this week sits in the EFTM Garage. Triumphant looks, feral exhaust note and a turn of pace that will cause a goose bump flair-up, here’s our preliminary assessment of this British topless model.

Make: Jaguar

Model: F-type

Variant: Convertible

Engine / Transmission : Supercharged 3.0-litre V6 / 8-speed automatic

Vital Stats: 250kW@6,500 rpm / 450Nm @3,500 – 5000rpm

Jaguar Claimed Fuel Economy: 8.8l / 100km

EFTM Claimed Fuel Economy: 11.1l / 100km

MRRP Price: $138,645 (Plus on roads)


10421190_681474341945340_3861382184866373681_nWow Factor: One of the great looking cars, surely there can be no doubt about this? Even with the roof on this is one stunning Jaguar. A spoiler pops up when you hit the freeway, so there.

Most Impressive: Pure handling that makes you feel alive, serious grunt without completely overwhelming the senses. This is a beautifully balanced sports car, without the overly rock hard ride and chaotic mechanical symphony of some others.

Not So Impressive: Don’t expect to carry any more than the 1+1 seating configuration allows, you may just fit a box of matches in the boot.

Early Verdict: Bloody fun to drive, brings with it an enormous boost to one’s ego. This car looks good on anyone, even me. Yes I’ve even taken into account my bald head protruding from the topless aluminium / composite frame.