Advertising is a competitive business, with “Cannes Lion’s” up for grabs companies will do anything to get our attention.  Old Spice – having had a huge resurgence in recent years after that viral “The man your man could smell like” commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa.

In the US there was an ad recently which went “viral” – featuring mothers pining for their boys who had left home having discovered Old Spice and as the punchline says “Now he smells like a man and they treat him like one”.

For some reason, Old Spice in Australia decided they needed to respond to that.

A couple of blokes known as the Bondi Hipsters put together a bit of a tune – I’m not convinced.  Not sure if it needed a shrimp on the BBQ or something else, and maybe I’m not the hipster type.  It’s doing ok though – over 400,000 views on YouTube – perhaps we all need to get some “man scapeing” Old Spice products?