The problem with money we “might” get is that we spend it in our mind on the good stuff, we dream about winning lotto and paying off the house, travelling the world, in reality we don’t win lotto or if we do we don’t win much.

Around this time of the year you’re probably thinking about a little treat for yourself when your tax return lobs into the bank.

Short-term lender Nimble (the ones with the TV ads with two blokes in a sauna instead of a car engine) did some research, surveying 4,000 Aussies to see what we’d like to do, and importantly what we likely will do with our tax return.


In principal, we’ve got great ideas. 54% of blokes say they would rather use the cash to take their partner out to dinner than a night out with the boys. Chivalry is fare from dead in Queensland where that number rises to 58%.

On the flip side, the ladies would prefer to do something social – 54% saying they’d rather have a girl’s night out or go to the movies.

But, in reality – we’ll end up paying off bills and credit cards with our tax returns.

The idea is there – shame about the reality of bills huh?