Dreame Technology has been chipping away at the Aussie market for a little while now, primarily as a direct seller online and using strong social marketing to gain traction. Today, Australia was the first in the world to see their latest product, the A1 Robotic Lawnmower.

While Robot Vacuums are their main product in Australia, they are also introducing beauty products like hair dryers, as well as this new entry into the outdoor space.

And the robot mower space is broadly new, but already getting congested with Worx, Ecovacs, Segway, Husqvarna and now Dreame all competing for your dollar.

Which is why the $3,999 price tag shocked me. I’ve used several of these mowers, and the Ecovacs Goat G1 $2,999 price was steep, but perhaps justifiable thanks to it’s no wire setup and pattern based mowing. It’s keeping my backyard looking sensational right now.

So what does the A1 do that it doesn’t? From what I can see two primary things. Firstly, no “Beacons” required around your property for the robot to help understand where it is. Instead the A1 from Dreame is using advanced LiDar sensors, like what is seen in advanced indoor Robot Vacuums. This means it can detect those obstacles, and you set the boundary position in the same way as you do the Goat G1 – driving it manually.

Additionally, the Dreame A1 appears to allow app control of the mowing height, something a manual dial controls on the Ecovacs.

Is it worth the additional $1000? Time will tell. They are doing pre-orders at $3,499 – but still, a strong premium given I’m seeing the Ecovacs product at Bunnings for $2,299 right now.

Regardless, a rising tide lifts all boats as they say – so it’s great to have more competition in the market.

Pre orders start now, for a month, with a 3-year warranty and free shipping from the Dreame website.