The iPhone 6 was announced just weeks ago, available to buy last Friday and for those who’ve got themselves a new phone you need to start looking for a case – quickly – one little drop and that scratch will frustrate you forever! Agent 18 to the rescue with a huge range of new cases.


While Apple has a decent range of cases in various colours, if you pop out of the Apple stores you’ll find places like JB Hi-Fi, Myer and other retailers stocking new third-party cases as they are pumped off the production line.

Agent 18 has a great range of designs and colours, especially if you’re looking for something for your wife’s phone!

In two styles – SlimShield and FlexShield, they start at $19.99 up to $34.99. iPhone 6 Plus cases go up to $39.99.


The SlimSheild are a hard plastic case which fit snug to your new phone ($29.99)


While the FlexShield is another tight fit with a more rubberised feel (which makes them much easier to get on and off) ($29.99)


My personal favourite is the “Craftsman” which features a real wood veneer backing ($29.99).


While the “Clear” does a good job of simply taking the hits for your phone when you get those basic bumps and scratches ($19.99).


If you’re looking for something special – try the Tortoise – certainly not for everyone ($34.99).


Another one for the blokes is the Black Textured Camo ($29.99).

All in all there’s stacks of variety, and while they won’t all be available at every retailer you should find something to suit.