Nanoleaf has revealed five new smart home products at CES 2023, all with support for the new smart home standard, Matter. The Sense+ Controls line, Nanoleaf 4D TV Screen Mirror Camera and Lightstrips Kit and Nanoleaf Skylight modular ceiling fixture have all been presented at CES.

Nanoleaf 4D -TV Screen Mirror Camera and Lighstrips Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf 4D is designed to transform your movie and gaming experience into a “truly immersive journey of the sense” by not just mirroring your TV across the room but also syncing your entire suite of Nanoleaf products together.

The camera can be installed on the top or bottom of your TV while the Lightstrip features an easy install with snap-on brackets and included adhesives. Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit is launching Q2 2023 and will be available in two length options: 55”-65” and 70”-80”.

Sense+ Controls and “Nala” Automation Learning Assistant

The Sense+ Controls offers a hands-free smart lighting experience while supporting Matter and running on Thread. The Sense+ Controls line includes a hardwired Smart Light Switch, Wireless Smart Light Switch and the “Nala” Learning Bridge.

All of these have built-in motion and ambient light sensors to allow you to automate the lighting around your home. The “Nala” Learning Bridge also acts as a Thread Border router and works as a night light. All of these products work together with Nanoleaf’s new Automations Learning Assistant, Nala, to learn your preferences from the way you interact with your lights each day.

Nala is designed to learn what suits you and how you prefer your lighting and creates routines and personalised automations to allow you to switch off and not have to think about it yourself. All of these products will be launching in Q3 2023.

Nanoleaf Skylight – Smart Modular Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

The Nanoleaf Skylight also works with Matter and offers users full control over their ceilings light design and area of coverage. Each square modular RGBW LED panel can be arranged in a variety of patterns to customise it to your liking.

The Skylight works with Wi-Fi and comes with all the usual smart features including music visualiser, screen mirror and more. It is also a Thread Border Router and comes with built-in Sense+ sensors for motion and ambient light sensing allowing for more automation.

The Nanoleak Skylight will be launching in Q3 2023.

Essentials Bulbs & Lightstrips – First Thread Over Matter Lighting

The new bulbs are Matter- certified and provide white light and the usual full RGB of colours in your usual bulbs – A19, BR30, GU10 and a Recessed Downlight – and a lightstrip. Made for everyday lighting, they still offer animations and automations for different moods and lighting requirements.

The Essentials Matter-certified Bulbs and Lightstrips are launching in Q1 2023.

Nanoleaf’s full line of modular light panels and light bars (Shapes, Elements, Canvas and Lines) will be upgraded to support Matter later this year via an OTA software update.

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