Next week, at 3am Sydney time on Wednesday the 10th of September Apple CEO Tim Cook will walk out on stage at Apple’s next big event – the question on everyone’s mind – lovers of Apple products and otherwise – is, what will he announce?

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Cut though all the rumours and speculation which has been going on for a long time – quite frankly probably about a year. There’s a bit we know, a lot we don’t, and a few things we can hope for.

What we know for sure.

  1. Apple is holding an event for invited guests and members of the Media at 10am on Tuesday September 9 in Cupertino
  2. Australian Eastern time, the event will be held on Wednesday morning, September 10th at 3am.
  3. The event will be held at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, a short 2.6km stroll from Apple HQ
  4. Apple have held three product announcements at the Flint Centre previously
    1. Steve Jobs unveiled the original Mac in 1984
    2. The Bondi Blue iMac was launched there in 1998 not long after Steve Jobs returned to Apple
    3. The iMac SE was launched at the Flint Centre in October 1999

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What we can safely assume but can’t confirm.

  1. Tim Cook will start his presentation with details of how the iPhone and Apple overall is performing, outlining app download numbers, revenue to developers, iOS take-up rates (and he might again compare these to Android)
  2. Phil Schiller & Craig Federighi will join Tim during the Keynote to outline features of whatever devices are launched
  3. Apple will announce the latest iPhone – the 9th iPhone, coming 7 years after the original iPhone
  4. The phone will be available shortly after the launch, likely September 19 or 26th
  5. Apple will confirm the date iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will be available to the public

What the rumours say.

  1. The new iPhone will be called the iPhone 6
  2. The new iPhone will be called the iPhone 6L
  3. The new iPhone will be called the iPhone Air
  4. There could be more than one iPhone announced
  5. The new iPhone will be thinner, lighter, have rounded edges and be available in a larger screen size
  6. There will be an iPhablet (a 5.5 inch iPhone)
  7. Apple will announce the iWatch

What we hope and predict

  1. We hope there is a new iPhone announced 🙂
  2. We hope the current “size” iPhone is updated with the new rounded look and feel (Similar to iPad Air and Mini)
  3. We hope any “larger” iPhone is no bigger than a 4.7inch screen, that’s a pretty good sweet spot for a usable phone
  4. We think like 2013 (When Apple announced the iPhone 5c and 5s), two flagship phones will be announced
  5. We reckon The 5c and 5s will remain on sale, the 5c at a lower price point
  6. We reckon The 4S will be retired from sale
  7. We hope the iWatch is announced – if anything, just to stop the whiners who keep on saying Apple is losing its mojo.

The event in Cupertino is not open to the public, but as always there will be loads of blogs and social media accounts to follow for all the news as it happens.

In the past, some Apple keynote events have also been streamed live via Safari browsers and Apple TV – details of any stream for this event won’t be available until closer to the event itself.

EFTM will be in Cupertino next week, follow @TrevorLong, @YourTechLife and @EFTM for news and information as it happens, and follow @TrevorLongAU on Instagram for pics, plus our Facebook page EFTMOnline

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Oh, and as for the “Wish we could say more.” tagline on the invitation – that’s exactly the point – they’ve wanted to for so long say more – more about this thing they’ve been working on for so long – the iWatch. That’s the “something more” or “one more thing” that we’ll see shock everyone for the first time in a long time.

In reality – that’s just our best guess:)