After a huge few days for Apple, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both go on sale for pre-orders today. Here’s all the links and all the options you need to get one in your hot little hand fast.

First and foremost, the queues.  Yep, there will be queues – big ones.  I expect to see the biggest queues in years for this device – in Sydney that will stretch from the George St Apple Store, around King St, and way along York st if not hitting Market St.

iPhone6_34FL_3-Color-Spaced_Homescreen-PRINTWhy queue?  The experience – nothing more, nothing less.  Of course, there is an almost certain guarantee you’ll get a device that way, with Apple retail stores carrying the most stock of all – while it could be hit and miss at other retail locations.

But, for my mind, the best way to do it – is to pre-order online.

All the telcos have pre-order sites, as does Apple (as of 5pm Friday 12th).

An Apple online pre-order made on the day pre-orders start will give you the best chance of a trouble-free purchase.  No time of work waiting around the block, and have the device delivered right to your door.  In some cases the couriers come as early as 9am making your Friday everything you’d want.

Outright pricing from Apple is below, and the place to go to preorder is 

If you know your favourite carrier – pre orders via Telstra, OptusVodafone and Virgin Mobile are online also – but remember, sometimes the best deal is done in-store, to ensure you’re taking advantage of all those crazy deals and offers to get you to switch that the carriers are fighting over.

iPhone 6
  • 16GB – $869
  • 64GB – $999
  • 128GB – $1,129
iPhone 6 Plus
  • 16GB – $999
  • 64GB – $1,129
  • 128GB – $1,249