As is tradition here at EFTM, we’ve taken the time to gather together all the iPhone 6 plans from the major telcos so you can sort and find the one that suits you based on what’s important to you.

For some people, the total cost of ownership over 2 years is most important.  For others, they want the most data for their monthly cost.  And for some the carrier is the key, so a quick glance at what your carrier is offering is all you need.

Compare all Carriers: Plans by Carrier then Monthly costPlans by HandsetPlans by Data allowance

[contextly_sidebar id=”rU0DnGvtHKDH1CSuLF1LRNtPpEgAxy66″]Of course, Outright pricing is critical, so you can buy and own from day one, and simply sign up to the best SIM Only plan you can find.

Outright prices: iPhone 6
  • 16GB – $869
  • 64GB – $999
  • 128GB – $1,129
Outright prices: iPhone 6 Plus
  • 16GB – $999
  • 64GB – $1,129
  • 128GB – $1,249

From the carriers, the race is on to get your business.

If you know your favourite carrier – pre orders via Telstra, OptusVodafone and Virgin Mobile

Vodafone is offering bonus data on the $80 and $100 Red plans taking their total data allowance to 5GB and 8GB respectively – we’ve included the bonus data in the comparisons below.  Vodafone is also continuing their “Data Workout” offer which gives you unlimited data on the first two months of your plan (to allow you to find the right data plan for you)

Optus is not offering the iPhone 6 Plus for preorder, but is offering bonus data on their $60, $80 and $100 plans – for those who sign up before November 2.

Telstra says “Customers taking up new iPhones on new eligible 24 month mobile plans (including those pre-ordering) can look forward to receiving Telstra’s New Phone Feeling offer at no additional cost (normally $10/mth).

Virgin Mobile plans are also below, with Virgin offering bonus 2GB of data to people who switch to Virgin – the numbers quoted below are for those who switch (take 2000MB off otherwise)

 Our comparison tables: